GTA 5 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Easter Egg Mod (GTA 5 Masacre En Texas)

Join me in this creepy GTA 5 Easter Egg Mod by Doctorgta! This GTA 5 Brutal kills mod includes The GTA 5 Texas Chainsaw Massacre Location House and Leatherface Mod A Chainsaw Killer chasing you with a GTA 5 Chainsaw Mod! Be sure to Hit the like button if you enjoy this video! Stay tuned for more GTA 5 Easter Eggs! (GTA 5 Masacre En Texas)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Mod Download:

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  1. I have the ped of leatherface but to play with him not against him! can't understand this! and the chainsaw can't come for me dunno why

  2. How does Leatherface live in the house if you already burn it down in story mode

  3. Does it work on Xbox because it won't let me in but I'm trying it at day time does it have to be at night

  4. more funny than scary. i had to laugh when something punched you all the time. 😂😂

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