GTA 5 – Top 10 Cheats

In this video I will show you not just top 5 best cheats but TOP 10 Cheats for GTA 5. Do you want slow motion gameplay, explosive bullets or unlimited health by typing one cheatcode? No problem! 🙂


  1. hi everyone i am playing gta 5 but i dont know how to get cheat codes row he is the guy who helped me thank u sooomuch

  2. How to make game really slow

    Have 2 gb ram

    Have deadeye on 3

    Have slomo on 3

    Use Micheals ability

  3. Correction, painkiller makes you Invincible for 5 minutes, it doesn't give you unlimited health. But if you type in turtle while it's on you get a chance to type it in again

  4. HOTHANDS: explosive hands
    CATCHME: Run fast
    MAKEITRAIN: weather change
    DEADEYE: slows time while aiming (repeat for slower times)
    INCENDIARY:bullets are on fire
    SLOWMO: slow motion
    HIGHEX: explosive bullets
    TURTLE: full armor and health
    SKYFALL: you fall from the sky
    PAINKILLER: unlimited health

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