GTA 5 – Using Wastelander to Haul CEO Vehicle

Gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V Online of hauling a CEO vehicle with the wastelander. “Remember your old flatbed truck? This is nothing like that. The Wastelander could carry your old flatbed truck across the surface of Mars without using even half the travel on its mile-high, man-eating suspension. Stick a few heavily armed friends in the back and it’s time for some good, wholesome fun.”
―Warstock Cache & Carry

MGO Network is a gaming and outdoors channel based off of Grand Theft Auto 5…


  1. I honestly do not recommend buying this vehicle. It seems cool until you actually buy it. Vehicles do not snap onto the back making this vehicle essentially worthless.

  2. There are cargo planes which doesn't cargo, And now this vehicle made for something it can't do ?? Dunno what rockstar thinking

  3. try to aplying handbrake before exiting vehicle – it makes it eazier to carry a car (but you still need to stop every 5 meters)
    btw i found it usefull to carry Buldozer [HVY Dozer] around map, but only if someone is in it preventing it from falling out of bed.

  4. Everyone hating in the comments but there is only one person who commented (+dalton House) who is smart enough to realize that this is the only purchasable vehicle that you can stand on without falling off as it moves

  5. i dont why R* sell this car for what… no one use… because u must do trick for put car on that truck.. idiot R*…

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