GTA 5 Vehicle Secrets: HVY DUMP and HVY DOZER Location: Xbox 360 and PS3

All 50 Spaceship Parts:
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  1. hope you like THETIMEPLAYED he made this video and he only has 500 subs, these guys are using him

  2. I am a REAL House cat, everytime I take a Bong Rip I can talk for 30 secsmeow meow meow meow meow meow

  3. now all I have to do is blow up all those cars on the freeway and watch the explosions

  4. Dude thanks for all this Videos on GTA 5 all this secrets and things i wouldve never knewn about i imediatly subscribed you are like the bste gta 5 channel at the moment

  5. and the dozer take much damage becouse it is made too survive if somthing falls on it

  6. Thanks, The Intro's to most Videos are over the top for what it is..

    All that Dubstep & CGI Intro for "Dump Trucks" Haha

  7. I found a gang truck it has a gang flag thing and its none coustomisable

  8. you guys need a new intro this one is sooo old! But I still love your vids

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