GTA 5 WINS: BEST MOMENTS EVER! (GTA 5 Stunts, GTA 5 Funny Moments Compilation)

GTA 5 Stunts + Wins Best Moments ever! & GTA V Funny Moments!
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  1. 2:37 at least the kid was not like


  2. How you going to call these greatest moments when they're not even really cool anyting 90% of these you can tell they had passive mode on or the it was computer edited I give this one a hundred thumbs down

  3. Most of these clips are just people jumping out of a plane and landing with there parachute these clips are horrible

  4. Anyone don’t remember the video or music in the beginning I swear I will hit you

  5. Last time when I was customizing my car in the Los Santos customs I turned to the back of my car and then I bought new colour for the wheels and then when I turned back to the side and the wheel colour change like magic but actually I just bought wheel colour it's like because I turned one round so when it face the back I bought the new wheel colour and then I turned to the side and the wheel colour changed why am I commenting on random stuff lol….

  6. No one can't beat RedKeyMon and Prestige Clips!🔥✨💪

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