GTA IV Drifting (No Mods) Xbox 360

Messing around on Grand Theft Auto IV between classes. Some good drifting, running down people, explosions and awesomeness. No none of my friends were actually in the game, but it is stuff we would do when we play together. The Helicopters in the video were not my friends they were just some stalkers following me around.

Game: Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony
– Online: Free Mode

Song: Ballroom Blitz – Sweet


  1. Powersliding is when the car slides out of place after the apex of the turn. Drifting is when you make the car slide before the apex of the turn.

  2. you do know That 90% off this vid is Powersliding and the 10% rest is a pure fail

  3. Nice drifting can you add me on on Xbox 360 please my gamer tag is VIN DIESEL 5 please add me and we can drift together

  4. @NINJAOFDEATH313 Lol you said the same thing as you did last time you posted here, and obviously you didn't read my reply. All the cars in the video are not muscle cars so either you're not watching the full video, you're a troll, or you don't know what a muscle car is. And if my xbox still worked I would show you in game I can drift in pretty much everything.

  5. any body can drift with a muscle car my 5 year old cousin can drift in a muscle car i seen him do it too soo any body can make a vid of them drifting in one of the most easiest cars

  6. @NINJAOFDEATH313 Lol maybe you should watch the whole video because last time I checked muscle cars don't include the futo, the monty carlo looking one, or SUVs. I havn't played in months but when I did I could drift in almost any car. Plus this video was just messing around in free mode, where I like to drive cars that look cool such as the dukes and when helicopters come I drift away..

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