GTA IV Money – Earn $30,000 per minute! – HD

The fastest way to earn money in GTA IV – guaranteed! Drive cars into Stevie’s garage and get paid $10,000 per car! Unlock the “You Got The Message” achievement!

NEW “GTA V” Glitch – Use ANY GUN in jobs with “Forced Weapons”

In order to use this method to earn money you need to:
-complete “No.1” for Brucie
-complete “Smackdown” for Derrick McReary
-complete Stevie’s Car Thefts

Stevie’s car locations map – 4:25

Find all 30 of Stevie’s cars with the map provided…


  1. I feel like the only guy who plays gta 4 in 2020. ( my laptop can only handle GTA4, Xbox has 5)

  2. It is cool and all but there isn't too much to do with all that money.

  3. Although the turismo pays out 10,000 the supergt pays 11,000 so just look up the cheat codes and find the supergt, lol

  4. Had gta4 for ps3 never played it got gta 5 for ps4 beat it like a month ago went back to play gta4 and am like wholy shit this game is 50x’s more interesting realistic and fun .

  5. I finished the mission SmackDown and finished the mission "Baby Sitting" did the cars from the emails he sent me to take care to Brucie's Garage and i can NOT seem to have the garage door open after i dial up 227 555 0147 to get the garage door to open when i have a Turismo car to sell.. Anyone have an answer ?

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