GTA IV (Xbox 360) – Fat Slob and Blowing Up

HQ quality:

My other acco for GTA IV vids is Sh1razIV, here’s the videos:

My second video(s):

My third video(s):


So my first GTA IV video (for Xbox 360) =), YEAH! Yea this is quite short and…, but something at least! And more is soon coming =), waiting for that…

Survivor – Eye of the…


  1. PLease any one have the Free xbox 1 month that they got with this game i need it bad ill do what ever but it would be awsome if you just gave it to me THANKS GUYS!! 😀

  2. This is most like 360….. Just with an HD TV. People are saying, "OMG, this PS3, you fag," Who cares? It's proabably just an HDTV, trust me, on an HDTV that 'Fist' is smaller and so is the phones text (Which you can make bigger…) Everyone just shut up about it. Nice video, by the way. I'm like a birrrrd!

  3. Wow, why does he even want to argue it? So what. Even if he was write, why should he go out of his way to just make a fool of himself? He's an ass…

  4. cmon what the shit u dont know how to fuckin drive???? u dont know how to aim kid? anyway, if u wanna learn some tricks in fighting u can avoid his attack and kick his ass with really good moves do this: when on a fight u know what the defence button is dont you? when he is going to punch u press it and after that press immediately the punch button and u will cause him goood damage;) nevermind keep going with the game and be better in driving!

  5. It's just ur word againts mine, and 'cause I made this my word is stronger. And my stronger word says that this is for Xbox 360, then it is. Case closed!

    Edit. I deleted ur spamming messages, if u spam more I will block you!

  6. Asslolled :D! What would I gain for cheating that is for other console than it really is?!? Nothing, especially when I like, almost love :p, Xbox 360! So sorry, ur eyes are lying to u!

  7. As the title and description says, this is for Xbox 360! Yeah, this looks pretty good, dont know would PS3 look any better (especially in this little YouTube screen…)!

  8. Yeah, that could be one solution =)! Maybe we will see that on GTA V, or in GTA IV: Vice City which I think is the next GTA title :p…

  9. Ofcourse u could just do that people cant get out of the when there's no room, but that would be a amusing when Nikos car broke down on a place where there aint room to get out, especially for the friend who's watching his friend play, who is screaming out loud "what the F*CK is this SHIT?!? I wanna get out of this F*CKING car NOW?!? TSII-SUS F*CKING CHRIST?!?", rolf? :D!

  10. Yes, I have noticed that. It was a little disappointment that people (including Niko) teleport out from the cars when there's no room to come out, but, well what else could be done?

  11. Sorry, I dont have Live time no more (and I aint getting it more unless I get excited of some multiplayer game…)!

  12. Let's see u driving…
    Just like I though (we will never see that), pathetic, MUAHAH!

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