GTA Online: Best Ways To Make Money This Week (GTA 5 Money Guide)

In this GTA 5 money guide I will show you the best and fastest way how you can make money this week from April 30th until May 6th.
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  1. It was a very fine week indeed for money making opportunities with Special Cargo! Though I only had about half as much time to spend doing so compared to a couple of friends on Xbox/PC, who were getting like $10-20mil from fully filling up their med/large warehouses to sell 😮
    For me, I had spent some time doing rounds of sourcing cargo between both my Xbox characters and my only PC character, basically filling up their small/med/large warehouses to around 15-16 cargo each, then sold each one for around $450k, along with having already had a Special Item on the side on my main Xbox character, which got me $250k thanks to the double money bonus, and in the process of collecting cargo on my second Xbox character, I got another Special Item which sold for around $190k if I recall, which made for a nice extra bonus too! 👍

  2. Small warehouses make half a mill only costing you 90-92k to fill it

  3. I bought a large waterhouse for 1 mil then filled it up and sold it in a empty lobby

  4. I'm on ps4 new account who can help me make quick cash? Im level 10 only have 3 mil

  5. Don’t do these if you have a life they’re really boring to do instead do the casino heist with some friends

  6. What I like doing is doing an import/export mission and while the sell cool down happens I source special cargo. Every 9 crates I sell to guarantee 1 vehicle sells and while the crates cool down I do import/export. I make 1.5 mil in an hour or so

  7. To get in a solo public lobby for ps4: go settings, network, set up network connection, choose what you use, custom click all the top options for all except the MTU and put it at 800/700 doesn’t really matter and done. X-box go public session test NAT-TYPE

  8. This one of the best double exp events! Double cargo sales! 4million a large warehouse sale holy crap!

  9. If you have the most expensive ceo office and you don’t use it (or have the terrobyte) you can trade it in for the cheapest office and get a few mill back

  10. I started playing 3weeks ago n I’m already level 82 n I have a ceo office with bothe vehicle cargo and special cargo.
    Also I have a weed farm.
    What should I buy next????

  11. Bro I’m broke I’m a CEO and president but I can’t make money or get better cars

  12. I stopped selling crates because some helicopters with op guns keep busting out my plane

  13. I bought a brand new computer and I don't know if it's even possible to get my LVL 545 Xbox character to the PC?

  14. The best way is to go to the casino, high stakes game play blackjack max bet if you lose close app and go back keep saving the game after every win. If you double down you can win 100k per hand

  15. Just sell a full large warehouse and buy an arcade. Then from there do the Heist over and over. Its good money and usually takes an hour to complete all setups. Almost 1 million an hour especially if all you're friends have an arcade and you set up all you're heists.

  16. I’m looking for people to help me run my business with crates level 35 ps4 gamer tag-Jayce71046

  17. If you’re a sweaty player and likes to grind buy Two Medium warehouses and a Small one (Small for only special item cargo) you can fill up two medium warehouses in 1.30 to 3Hours depending on how much of a grinder you are on top you have a bunker in the background to reaupply and coke/meth which are the two ideal places to make money for Mc too all round you can make 4.5+ million that’s my method

  18. Tried to source cargo and then got tripled teamed and griefed. I typically play in solo public lobbies and this game proves time and time again why you have to do that. This game sucks dick.

  19. We’re looking up how to get money, bc we are broke so don’t expect all of us to have 2.5 mil

  20. It’s annoys me because to get all this money you still need have like 3 mill to set it up and I have none so it’s just annoying

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