Gta Online Diamond Casino Heist Collecting The Lock Boxes Only (Silent And Sneaky Hard)

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  1. Soooooo that's was hard to look at I would have been sick. 1 top range car 1 diamond shopping and 1 sightseer =$ 155k ouch

  2. #RDMchallenge

    Aggressive Approach (Hard Mode)

    Camera Lock: First Person
    Entrance: Main door
    Exit: Rooftop
    Target: Gold
    Elite Challenge: completed
    Players: 3
    Hacker: Avi or Paige
    Gunman: Charlie
    Driver: Chester
    Buyer: High

    -2 optional preps your choice (if Duggan Shipments you can only destroy 6)
    -must keep take above 2.6million
    -must use getaway vehicles
    -no getaway vehicle can be destroyed

  3. Aggresive
    Worst driver, gunman and hacker
    No extra preps only the obligated ones
    You need a minimum of 1.5 million

  4. #rdmchallenge
    -Agressive Mode
    2 Person
    Play with the Remote Play of PS4
    No optional Prep
    Objective Money pick at least 1.4Million
    And escaping without Helicopter

  5. #RDMChallenge
    "The Joker Challenge"

    Approach: Aggressive
    Buyer: High Level
    Worst Gunman
    Getaway Car: Issi Classic
    Worst Hacker
    2 Players (Randoms)
    First Person Only
    Entrance: Staff Lobby
    Exit: Main Door
    (If you choose to do with Randoms I suggest you tell them the challenge)

  6. #RDMchallenge
    -Parachute your way to the buyer from a heli
    -You must loose your wanted level before jumping, you must jump once youre over the vinewood sign
    -Big con with decoy
    -You touch the ground before getting to the buyer after jumping from heli = redo heist

  7. Aggressive
    Worst gunman
    Worst driver
    Best hacker
    Gold all loot collected.
    4 ppl with randoms and random must be under lvl 100
    All ppl killed
    No Dugan shipment
    No reinforced armour

  8. #RDMchallenge
    silent and sneaky
    only stun gun and a knife
    The elite challenge
    With only one other person
    And at least 1 million each
    Target: Gold or Diamonds

    Tip: use low level buyer
    Good Luck

  9. Diamond casino heist in a nutshell cash worth a couple thousands gold worth 10 art worth half a million dollars diamonds only worth 20 to 30 rip my 1million dollars

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