Gta Online Diamond Casino Heist Eassyyy Fingerprint Hacking Guide




  1. I like that this guy just shows us the pictures, in other videos they streacht it up to 10min

  2. how tf is this possible i fai every fucking time how is it even possible?

  3. First 2 times when i did the heist i was like “I’ll never learn how to do them they are so hard” but they are so easy it takes me less than 5 seconds to hack a fingerprint

  4. I was just thrown into that screen and had ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING IDEA OF WHAT TO DO.

  5. XD i am a returning player when i first saw this i was like what… in… the… hell…

  6. thanks so much now when people say you can only join if ur a good hacker i can use this. congrats on ur new sub

  7. Thank you so much for both this information and for getting right to the point instead of making some worthless 20 minute self promotion video before finally getting to the good stuff. Short, sweet and to the point wins everytime.

  8. While I’m sure your video helps clarify what in the hell to do, this is risk tisk tisk enough similar to the stupid pattern/dots password.

  9. Tysm it really helped out in the heist. I didn’t know how to hack before,now I do

  10. Anyone here have there hacking device break on them now i cant use it anymore like wtf rockstar i spent half a mill on this and it breaks if anyone knows away to fix it im all ears

  11. Hacking ist real, kontaktiere ( für jede Art von Hacking, Instagram-Hack, Facebook-Hack, WhatsApp-Hack und Gmail-Hack. Er hat mir geholfen, Leute auszuspionieren. Vertrau mir, dass er weiß, was er tut

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