GTA Online: Diamond Casino Heist Fingerprint Hacking Solutions



  1. Any idea why you sometimes need to do 2 for each console? I've always had 2, but in friends heist we only had to hack one fingerprint in each. Is it just random, or can you actually do something about it?

  2. Does this still work I need to know how to hack the vault Key 🔑 pad in diamond 💍 💎 casino 🎰 please let me know if it works still thank you

  3. How are you going to make a video about to hack when your watching a video on how to hack and u don’t even know what your doing it shouldn’t of took 2 minutes if u wasn’t watching another video on how to hack💯🙄

  4. Anyone wanna do the heist with me? When I play with a random, we always get alerted and die

  5. Quick Question, does solving the fingerprint puzzle add time to the vault count down or is that fully based on the hacker's skill level?

  6. Thanks for the video! I played the Big con method and got all artworks on the vault.

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