GTA Online Diamond Casino Heist Keypad And Fingerprint Hacking Guide

My guide on how to complete the fingerprint and keypad hacks in the new Diamond Casino Heist DLC.
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  1. The fingerprint minigame I got used to and its pretty easy now. The keypad one can be pretty challenging. Try to memorize a pattern and make sure to use process of elimination on the placements. Also take advantage of the scramble. When it scrambles after 110 seconds it will reveal the remaining ones and will not change the ones you selected. You can only abort once and the second time it will raise the alarm.

  2. If any of you do not get the level 2 security passes, you're dead to me, and I hope you do a 2-man heist with a random and have that random stand around with their thumb up their ass while you do all the work.

  3. When I take a vid of the patterns and try and do it it always changes someone please ecplain

  4. First time I tried with the aggressive approach, did all the set up missions and never had to hack once. Tried second time and aggressive approach is locked. Will still do the side set ups but will just have to figure out with the fingerprint hack. Also new guys, if you’re hosting make sure to do the optional mission that the guards don’t get the armour, it’s almost impossible to complete without.

  5. How to avoid hacking just get thermal charges and buy security pass level 2

  6. man this video is useless. his advice is to look for a pattern and that its important to know the right combination. well gee…. thanks for the information…

  7. If i buy that practice machine once, is it permanent? Like if im going to do my second run on the heist, is it still there or i should buy another one if i want to practice?

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