GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with The Diamond Casino Heist

GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist Tips & Tricks – A complete guide on how to make the most money possible with the Arcade and the Casino Heist added with the new GTA Online update, “The Diamond Casino Heist”.

How to Make Money in GTA Online Playlist:



  1. This works best for me

    Do the big con as the security team (i think) "Gruppe sechs"
    You can unlock that by photographing the entrance to the side of the casino
    Do all set ups and it will be extremely easy
    If you do so wish to earn $2 million or more do artwork. It is simple and easy and can be done by 2 people.
    To escape you should probably go down the underground tunnels and drive until you lose the wanted level and then drive til you see daylight again since if you go back you'll regain your wanted level. Then steal a car or something.
    DO not select anyone but Paige harris. She is the best for this mission

  2. Xbox: DemonKing666526 (I will 24/7 be offline) just text me if you wanna do it I got a arcade and all I need it people to do setups with

  3. I can say that you only have to do these extra preps to complete
    Silent&Sneaky: Emp, nothing else is needed simce you can see the mantrap well enough to run there. And cameras, cones, and patrol routes are waste of time. Just don't walk near them. Duggan is kinda useless. You don't need to shoot anybody.
    Big con: Basically nothing.
    Aggressive: Now duggan shipments is mandatory because well you shoot everyone lmao
    Every approach: Security pass. If u need to hack every door you will waste time and probably lose because of it

  4. yeah this is nice and all but i don't have friends to help me with this and randoms always screw up so guess i'll stick with bussiness and import/export

  5. Why do they say to do that many optional preps the only ones that are needed for sneaky is emp and keycards

  6. My personal preferences for Big Con and Silent & Sneaky.
    S&S: Staff lobby for both entrance and exit, worst gunman, worst driver, best hacker.
    BC: Staff lobby for exit, Firefighter disguise, worst gunman, worst driver, best hacker. (Unless for both of them you get paintings.)
    I normally take the worst driver cuz I can steal a car from the road and drive to the PD to get the helicopter and escape.
    Sorry if this wasn't informative.

  7. Fewwwwwwww corrections:

    On S&S IF you time your (melee) knockouts, you dont need duggan.
    Security intel is absolutely useless since cameras remain stationary and move in slow back and forth patterns.

    Duggan is also not needed on big con, as the game practically forces you to use melee to kill guards and enemies on the way out of the vault.
    Patrol routes is optional if you DO NOT KNOW HOW TO GET OUT.

    Side note- literally only do duggan if you dont know how to stealth melee, or if you’re running aggressive (as to where it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY.)


  9. For the Big Con, the door after the stairs in this footage was blocked with janitor's equipment, so we had to use the corridor with the CCTV. Still pulled it off well.

  10. The bad thing about gta v online is that most people dont want to help u set up the heist but is eager to do the finale. Those kind of ppl does not deserve the finale.

  11. If you get all the arcade games, go afk and not be registered as a ceo the revenue pays for utility costs plus a little extra. Leaving it on overnight makes a little profit while allowing nightclub and bunker/ Mc buissnesses run and make money

  12. I need a straight answer in the first playthrough is it only cash or can u get anything higher

  13. Damn I wish I had seen these video series before attempting this heist unprepared. Thanks for the tips and advice, going to try different approaches moving forward

  14. I always those that avi guy you get for destroying all the signal jammers and i always use my op mk 2 akula or rouge some times my insurgent custom for the prebs

  15. the video : the arcade doesnt make profit
    me : i bleed over 15k in property costs and maintenance fees every week, the arcade brings in 35k a week, i not only stopped the bleeding but i gain 20K per week
    no matter what; time WILL pass, the fees will bleed you of millions of dollars eventually
    unless of course, you stop the bleed
    look at this way, 100 weeks in game WILL come, after 15k bleed per week over 100 weeks, thats 1.5 million dollars bled out
    BUT with arcade income, you have stopped that bleed, saved yourself that 1.5 mill every 100 weeks AND over the course of those 100 weeks your arcade will bring in 2 million dollars
    YES 100 weeks is a long time but YES 100 weeks WILL pass, then eventually 200.. then 300, if u play the game, it WILL happen
    your arcade isnt your source of income, its your incomes insurance and the insurance is well worth the price
    since owning my arcade ive noticed my money gains are quicker, idk how much quicker but enough for me to take notice, especially as a new player.
    i no longer bleed money on daily/weekly costs and i can restock armor and ammo as much as i want without worry since the extra money leftover after stopping the bleed is enough to purchase ALOT of armor
    tip if ur buying arcade : just buy the cheapest machine and slap it in every open slot, it doesnt seem to matter what machine or your variety of machines, the only thing that seems to matter is that there is a machine in every slot, so dont spend millions buying em all, just buy the 90k machine and slap it down everywhere

  16. I tried linking my Xbox account and I read what it said and it basically said its going to control my account like bruh

  17. how can i invite friends to play the heist with me? or how can I ask them to help me out with the heist setup/ prep

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