GTA Online Hackers Give Me Over $600 Million @RockstarGames (GTA V Online Hackers)

Every time you like this video a tweet is automatically sent out to @RockstarGames on twitter (if your Youtube is connected to Twitter) Please like this video to get the word out to Rockstar and hopefully prevent this from happening in the future! These hackers are ruining the game and you can tell that by my rage (sorry for that btw) Please also share with your friends and send separate tweets/ emails/ support tickets to Rockstar, Let’s get GTA Online moving back in the right direction….


  1. My friend was banned because she accepted the cheater's money.😑
    Do not think cheaters are kind to you, they just want you to be banned.

  2. You can contact this person and tell him that I need money, please. My id on gta is lollo11_09

  3. man if anyone is trying to give me free money i meannnn,dm me on instagram highkeyjayden

  4. You have like 500 million and you complain about it why with lot of money you can play the game every day trust me men

  5. Am kind of glad I did not get that much I want to grind myself I work solo don’t you

  6. With that money u have there you’d probably get maximum 1 house and 3 cars 😂

  7. Its not ruining the game i mean evry thing cost over a milion dollers so hes helping you

  8. Damn bro chill just dont stream till you finish your money chill.
    (If U dont want to get your acc banned)

  9. Get their ip or id/username, don't let them know you'll report them so they won't change name. Once you got their name contact the support with proof and if they ddos you and you have enough proof, forward it to the federal authorities as ddos is a federal crime, they'll love seeing a fully armed squad bust their door down to arrest them.

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