GTA Online Is Garbage!

I’ve been a fan of Rockstar games since I first played GTA 3 on the Playstation 2, since then pretty much every game they’ve made I’ve enjoyed, GTA Vice City, San Andreas, Bully (Canis Canem edit), LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption, GTA 4, GTA 5, they’re all near flawless games, when it comes to GTA Online however It’s a completely different story and in this video I will be explaining why I think GTA Online Is Garbage

What are your thoughts on GTA Online? have you had any similar experiences…


  1. I tried modding my account so i dont have to grind, and so i can have fun with my friends, but i got banned, love this game. If anyone knows how to mod accounts properly, i would greatly appreciate if they helped me

  2. most people who disliked this video is are 12 year olds who think gta 5 is good because it's "trending"
    Just because it's a popular game doesn't mean it's good. take businesses for example. to fully fill up a fully upgraded bunker I need 10-12 hours of playtime. I can't afk because I have to constantly refill them. This is Bullsh*t. Gta 5 is not a game, it's literally a full time job. Players mod cash and I don't blame them. what do you expect when you make a game where money is hard to earn and the fastest way to get money is to pay up your life savings.

  3. If your on pc use kiddions mod menu it’s free and actually doesn’t get you banned if you use bunker and casino methods

  4. the fact that i play this game since 2 days and i agree with pretty much every point in this video says alot …

  5. I feel like 80% of people I meet in gta 5 are complete assholes but the other 20% is really cool people that are actually trying to play the game and is not kd grinding like a 12 year old.

  6. What, you mean you don't like being extorted for shark card money? Rockstar is braindead, if they made quality content I would actually buy it. Until then, I'll just grind and glitch to even the score…

  7. Fuck RockStar, stop buying their games. We already know they can't deliver an enjoyable hacker free game.

  8. The thing I hate the most of gta online is how much rockstar try’s to make you buy shark cards because the chance of you getting money is so low

  9. I agree with everything but why tf did you kill the modder just dropping money at 10:23 all he was doing was giving you and other people free money and you just kill him? Then you trash talk him in chat, and then you’re salty that he ddos you? You’re a part of the problem yourself you hypocrite

  10. him saying that the 4th person to join a heist is probably going to be a cunt made me realise i haven’t sworn much recently, i’m a failure of an Australian 😔

  11. Paid dlc´s for the offline? Man, most of the players would just play cracked version then.

    As of these days, it´s starting to be even more garbage than before. It´s free on Epic store, so there are LOTS of new players in GTAO, which also means community is getting even worse. Also, because of the new players, the servers are like potatoes, dropping frequently and even rockstar website says there is only limited availability right now. It´s not that embarrassing for some smaller company to have potato servers, but for Rockstar, this is really a nightmare, as with servers constantly down, there will be no one buying shark cards.

  12. Yes, i totally understand this, and i need to say, i have downloaded hacks JUSt for money, this is impossible to grind as a duo. but i dont not kill randomly or shit. i am really happy if i meet a nice dude in game to makea heist with him or his group

  13. Everything you said is true, but the game is not garbage, because it can be easily fixed. They can remove KD ratio and that will make it A LOT better. People wont have reason to kill you from a flying bike. THEY ALSO HAVE TO REMOVE THE ENCOURAGING FOR PEOPLE TO RUIN YOUR CARGO OR VIP WORK.

  14. This is the most horrible video I have ever seen in my opinion because he says that there's a modder in his lobby but I never get the problem because I play on console (xbox one) where there are no modders he also says that when he does a heist there's a dumb 4th. He even played with 3 friends but still dumb 4th ( Get your brother or a 4th friend ) plus if you look on YouTube there's probably a tutorial that shows you how to get into a solo public session and finally the loading screens are like some other games I played games in my past that took a while to load I even have to wait 5 mins for another game to load and knowing that the loading screen takes 10 or so mins to load means you are impatient (watching a movie takes way longer so you can't put hate on a simple loading screen plus if they spent a lot of money on the game then there's going to be A LOT of coding put into it )

    P.S. All games aren't perfect

  15. There is a program called „quitter” when you press ctrl + shift + backspace it creates an empty session without any loading.

  16. The only modders who I accept are the ones who make the game fun for everyone.

  17. Not only with online and hackers is that when you go passive they can use explosives in their menu or just in game stuff to kill you

  18. like he's literally complaining about gta money being so hard to grind, but when a modder is dropping money he insults him, what a lack of self awareness.

  19. Rockstar only good at making story they cant keep a online game stable for not even 3 years 😂

  20. Whats ur problem with modders
    Modders who dont gried and just spawn funny stuff arent that bad

  21. I stopped playing online because my main crew members stopped playing the game too but when we were on it we were good. I knew a hack to get a completely empty session in which you could do any mission you wanted and if anyone got in we just voted to kick. On a good day we’d get 4 hours completely empty session and complete plenty of motorcycle club missions but it’s been nearly a year since I played so I don’t even know if the glitch works anymore…

  22. Because of this video I loaded up gta, got into a session, hopped in my kuruma and was immediately hunted down by a MK2 by a dude named Hidden_Hungy, this game is complete garbage

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