GTA Online – North Yankton Gameplay (How to reach North Yankton)

GTA Online – North Yankton Gameplay (How to reach North Yankton)

Thanks to a glitch found by RPearsonx, you can explore Ludendorff – the small town in the state of North Yankton featured in the prologue of GTA V – in GTA Online.
This video is a walkthrough / guide on how to reach North Yankton with your friends in multiplayer.


In order to trigger this glitch, replay the Prologue mission in the single player of GTA 5. You also need a friend in…


  1. North Yankton must be in the enhance and expanded GTA V version for the PS5. If they do then it might be worth it.

  2. Rockstar never shoulda patched this. If they left the iaa building where you could enter it through the window, then why the fuck not leave this one?
    Rockstar is all about money these days, they release so much expensive shit, like why can't we all just take a couple of minutes out of our grinding and enjoy the scenery. they cant even let us venture to someplace that's already in the beginning of the game.

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