GTA Online: Transform Races Trailer

Introducing new stunt races… with a twist. In Transform Races, vehicles change constantly – from bikes, to planes, to racing on water and more. Plus Warps add an extra layer of chaos, teleporting you to a completely different location mid-race for added calamity.

Look for Transform Races to come to GTA Online next week on Tuesday, October 17th.


  1. Hey R*can you please remove rent from GTA online and give us the amount of money back that we've paid for rent from GTA.FOR ALL CONSOLES

  2. “Mom, Can we have Sonic and all stars racing transformed?”

    “No we already have sonic and all stars racing transformed at home”

    Sonic and all stars racing transformed at home:

  3. this really reminds me of hotwheels extreme racing from PS1 where it can be transform into land, water, and airplane while racing

  4. Im from Poland i have for rockstar proposition. Gta sa, graphic HD please 😨😨😨

  5. You should add a new job that should be a cop. It makes u a cop in gta online. That be cool.

  6. Rockstar, you’ve given us the weapons and vehicles, now give us something to fight, for example Godzilla, legenday monsters, dragons, seas creatures. The GTA community can come together as a team and fight. this would be awesome, this would take the online experience to the next level…

  7. It is no longer GTA. It is something else. I hope to get rid of my GTA 5 game disc this week!

  8. Hey rockstar I have been playing your games for 4 months but in my iPad and I don’t have gta 5 please add gta5 in the AppStore for iPad pros Pleaaaassee

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