GTA Online What Business Should You Should Buy First? Step By Step Buying Guide

My guide on what businesses are the best to buy first and what players should avoid while doing them.
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  1. Here is the step by step guide written form. I hope this guide helps people out. Any questions also please post them down below.

    Step 1. Grind to $200,000 Preferably do headhunter and sightseer back to back

    Step 2 Purchase 10 Car Garage Apartment

    Step 3 Do original heists first time completion you get $100,000 bonus per each one plus $1,000,000 bonus for doing all in order. Give yourself a 40% cut all other associates 20% as you’re the host you paid for the heist. After this you should have close to 3 million dollars depending on how well you did in pacific standard. Here is the chart. The profit does not represent the total value you will have. You should have close to 3 million afterwards.

    Fleeca $86,250 ( 60% ) ( Setup Cost $11,500 ) Prison Break $200,000 ( 40% ) ( Setup Cost $40,000 ) Humane Labs $270,000 ( 40% ) ( Setup Cost $54,000 ) Series A $202,000 ( 40% ) ( Setup Cost $40,400 ) Pacific Standard $500,000 ( 40% ) ( Setup Cost $100,000 ) All Heists Together $1,258,250 +$500,000 First Time Completion+$1,000,000 All In Order -$245,900=$2,512,350 Profit!

    Step 4 Purchase a facility purchase the Ron alternative windfarm facility. It will cost $1,855,000. Do not buy any upgrades here. Just do the doomsday heists in order also but do them with 2 people in total you and a friend. Give yourself a 60% cut here is the chart for it.

    Act 1-60% 2 People= $487,500 ( Setup Cost $65,000 )+$50,000 Act 2-60% 2 People=$712,500 ( Setup Cost $95,000 )+$50,000 Act 3-60% 2 People=$900,000+$100,000 Barrage ( Setup Cost $120,000 )+$50,000 $2,200,000+$150,000+$500,000 ( All In Order )-$280,000= $2,570,000 Profit

    Step 5 Purhcase Del Perro Pier Office. It is $1,000,000. Do not buy any upgrades they are cosmetic. Then Buy the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse. It is $1,500,000 cheapest and great location. Source around 10 standard and 10 mid range cars. When you have those inside you will source only top range cars. Any top range cars you get in between upgrade them and sell them.

    Steps 1 through 5 you should always purchase first. The next part has many options depending on what kind of player you are.

    Step 6 Option 1 Buy warehouses. I don’t recommend more then 2. If you are going with a large one I recommend at least getting wholesale furniture as its $1,900,000. If you are going for a small one go for rancho warehouse which is $250,000. Don’t bother with medium warehouses. If you intend to do solo sales get a small warehouse. Sell 9 crates at a time it guarantees 1 delivery vehicle. Always buy 3 crates at a time. If you go for a large warehouse have your friends at least help you on the sale. You should never make a large sale by yourself.

    Step 6 Option 2 Buy Mc Businesses. If you intend to buy an mc business then get coke as your first one. Get sandy shores locations they are cheaper. Buy the coke first it is $975,000. Upgrades for staff would be $390,000 and equipment would be $935,000. Do not buy security until you have your businesses upgraded it will be a waste. Steal supplies and make sales. When you upgrade it then start buying supplies so you can do other activities in between. Buy counterfeit cash next upgrade it and then weed. Save meth for last as it’s the most expensive. I would not bother with document forgery. You should only invest in mc businesses if you have friends that will help you on a sell mission. They only need to help you on the sales nothing else so most people should get them. Make sure to resupply your businesses around every 2 hours and 20 min.

    Step 6 Option 3 Buy a bunker. If you intend to buy a bunker you should get chumash. It costs $1,650,000. Get staff upgrade $598,000 and equipment upgrade $1,150,000. Do not bother with security. If you cant afford the upgrades steal supplies and sell it. After you upgrade it you want to buy supplies. If you are going for solo sales. Buy 1 batch of full supplies. It will produce $140,000 which sells in the city for $210,000 and its always one delivery vehicle. If you have friends buy supplies 5 times. Resupply every 2 hours and 20 min. Sell $700,000 for $1,050,000 in the city. I recommend in a populated lobby as you can get a big bonus back. 1 % would be an extra $10,500 per player in that lobby.

    Step 7 Whichever one you choose hangar should be 2nd to last. Buy the chepest hangar at fort zanuco. Hangar 3497 for $2,085,000. If you intend to upgrade planes purchase the workshop for $1,150,000. Hangar is the worst solo business but you should still purchase one eventually to store air vehicles but don’t buy it expecting to make a lot of money from it. Stay away from LSIA hangars as they aren’t as effective as Fort Zancudo.

    Step 8 Purchase nightclub. This is the last business you want to purchase. Location does not matter just do not buy Elsyian island or LSIA. Those locations are bad. You want to upgrade it with extra floors and technicians which will cost around $3,000,000 at least. Make sure to upgrade delivery vehicles including the speedo, mule and pounder. Link your 5 technicians towards cargo and shipments ( hangar ) , South American Imports ( Cocaine ) , Sporting Goods ( Bunker ) , Pharmaceutical Research ( Meth ) and Cash Creation ( Counterfeit Cash ) . These are the 5 best to link to. They produce the most per hour. Sell nightclubs also over $1,000,000. As tony the max cut he will take will be $100,000 so anything over a million you make a little more money with.

    I hope this helps everyone any questions post them down below.

  2. Updated version of this, do all the first steps then either get the bunker or a arcade and do the casino heist back to back.

  3. I have fully upgraded Coc-Cash-Bunker and Im doing some import/export missions do I need to buy warehouse? Or is better to buy weed and meth then hangar and nc?

  4. I have loads of businesses now and the best office and bunker and hangar and now I have 100mill and just spending my money on cars. I have my office garage 1 in the maze bank tower full of supercars. own all clothes. Worth the grind but dont really wanna grind anymore but will do when i go under 60mill.
    Also have the yacht and the gold luxor and gold helicopter. Big flex(not worth ot)

  5. I have bunker MC cash, vehicle cargo, CEO office and i wonder IF CEO crates will be worth it

  6. when you buy gta purchase the criminal enterprise pack you get the following for free:
    Maze Bank West
    MC Club house with cash factory
    £1,000,000 (which you should use towards an apartment)
    1337 Exceptionalists Way 10 Car Garage
    1561 San Vitas Street Apartment (isn't a high end apartment)
    Dune FAV

    Maibatsu Frogger

    Enus Windsor

    Obey Omnis

    Coquette Classic

    Turismo R
    (The best car out of all them)
    Pegassi Vortex

    Huntley S

    Western Zombie Chopper


  7. With all those Business I Bought Rockstar And Killed The Person Who Thought The Research was a good idea

  8. For the nightclub, if you already have ceo crates, then you don’t need the hanger, unless you want it for other things. Both will count as cargo and shipments.

  9. When I invite ppl to my heist, 2 people have already joined and as soon as one of the 2 leave, somebody joins

  10. Guys if y’all want cars do the podium wheel and try the podium wheel exploit where you could spin the wheel more than one per day search it up on YouTube

    Edit but do NOT sell the podium car.

  11. Businesses I bought (in order) office ( cheapest one( clubhouse( and counterfeit cash business) 3.hanger(fort zancudo most expensive one) 4.nightclub( I got the 1.3 mil one)

  12. I just realized that I yeeted myself to step 5 XD

  13. Why am I still here. I did this so wrong 😂 but diamond casino heist got me back to having everything upgraded. And having over 100 million

  14. Ikr I purchased nightclub early on but it wasnt too bad cause I already had free bunker and free counterfeit cash and I had bought a vehicle cargo. I only bought nightclub so I could get an upgrade mk2

  15. I’ve already got 1.5mill and a special cargo warehouse should I buy the vehicle cargo now ?

  16. You could do the stone hatchet revolver and navy revolver to make 750k instead of grind

  17. like wtf you have an elicopter with missles. i am still stealing cars. how am i supposed to do these things

  18. I know this is an older video, but do you realise how difficult headhunter can be for a new player.
    Easy when you have a $1.75m chopper but try doing it in a car or on a bike, which is all a new player has access to.
    It can be done but not every time, it is by no means easy.
    Sightseer on the other hand is almost a guaranteed $20k+.

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