GTA Online What to Buy This Week & How to Make Money Fast (Weekly Money Guide & Double Bonuses)

GTA Online What to Buy This Week & How to Make Money Fast (Weekly Money Guide & Triple Bonuses)

This weekly guide shows you on what exactly you should focus on buying this week and how you can grind money fast from triple and double money bonuses.

All VIP Works to Make Money Easy in GTA Online (Full Easy Guide)

Best Special Cargo Warehouse to Buy

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  1. Forgot to add in the video that Special Cargo Large Warehouses also have a great discount! Make sure to buy at least 1 if you can! Link with the best locations are in the description. Happy grinding this week! Awesome double money events!

  2. Why to me the time trial isn't in my map plus I got the office west for free when I started gta 5

  3. Only $70k/hr? Just do the open wheel races if you're good enough. I've been making an average of $250k/hr on those. Not to mention they're fun if you have non-contact on. Alongside that, the faster of the two f1 cars, the r88 is free on the lucky wheel.

  4. I made 455k each hour doing it this way

    Requirements :
    •at least 1 person with terrobyte
    •both have an office

    -First you’ll need a partner
    -start a Headhunter (partner 1)
    -start a VIP mission
    -partner switches and starts headhunter (P2)
    (Make sure to make them your associate, that way you finish it faster) you get equal pay!

    REPEAT :))

  5. fill up yalls warehouses people, since they are in discount that most likely means there’s gonna be 2x money on special cargo sells next week

  6. Hey M from India nd I get 3 to 4 hrs max on gta what do u suggest I do to earn money in this short duration

  7. I’ve made over 1 million a day mainly from sightseer and headhunter repeating it constantly

  8. My fastest way is ordering 3 packages then stocking up then deliver at once then after that I do the caching out event and in one day I get 2 mil pls trie it work

  9. Raptor: Free this week
    GTA Gentleman: weak vehicle, unstable, nope
    Me: hmmmmmm
    Raptor: 0$
    Me: buys full garage of Raptors

    S T O N K S

    (That's free real movable estate)

    Also me: cruizes with Raptor listening to All Star every day

  10. 0:25 well yes, good argument, but I can't argue with the lowhigh price of a 0$. S T O N K S and can't just simply pass on that deal.

    AAAAaannd yes, I do have multiple of them. And for some reason All Star song comes to mind when I look at them, so it is a win-win situation right there

  11. I still haven’t understood that is ,,for the week” until Sunday or 7 days

  12. I love this yt
    first he makes amazing content
    second he has made my reading fast and better!
    Thank you 😊:)

  13. I currently have 2.1m, do you think I'd better buy a stromberg or buy a vehicle warehouse? or save the money for the next discount?

  14. Buy the BF raptor! Is free u want to say no to a free car??? Just have it so when ur richer u can mod it

  15. gta online diamond casino this feature is not available for you plz help 😢😢😢 me

  16. I just been doing VIP work and got to 1m and on the road to 2m

  17. I have 1 mill but am saving up for oppressor mk 1 I bought the moc and have researched the oppressor missiles. Or should I get the Stromberg because it tis closer and cheap

  18. i played diamond casino heist 5 times this week and got 7 million . my friend let me have 85%

  19. Showing the time trial again to make the video cross 10 min mark, lol youtubers.

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