GTA Online

Even though it looks pretty fun in this video, it isn’t.


  1. Well great video and stuff but where's this piece of fucking flying bike?

  2. 2:14 Dunkey is so incredibly amazing at video games, that he repaired his door instantly.

  3. Just subbed you, bro. I know it’s not like you need the subs and I imagine that you might not have time to help out new channels….but if you could take a look at mine and maybe sub me, I would be truly honored.

  4. wow this looks fun. i hope its massive success doesn't eclipse the success of previous, high quality single player DLCs and completely ruin the chance of getting more rockstar single player DLC in the future.

  5. This looks awesome Oh well we never have it good everytime a popular game comes out the no life's devour and ruin the community

  6. The funniest part about this video is that even though it’s six years old GTA is still the fucking same

  7. I can't believe flying vehicles had to be added to gta online, it only made things worse, and had created one of the most toxic fanbases in gaming history.

  8. please make GTA Online 2020 video to show the contrast that 7 years of development has had on this game LOL

  9. Wow, people using cars in GTA Online? What parallel universe is this in? lol

  10. Looks like arm wrestling is… Fucking stupid.

    It's not even a real joke but still such a good not-a-punchline

  11. Ah. Looks like people used to play the fun missions back then
    But now it's a grind fest people doing the same job 1000 times for 1 mil.
    I like the adversary mode missions but not a single soul plays them

  12. God I miss old gta… I wish I knew how bad it would get so I knew ilat the time how good we had it

  13. Anyone in 2020 watching this for nostalgia when this game actually had a fun and not shitty online game

  14. Man dunkey sounds like he's trying soo hard to fake the jokes but now he's a natural

  15. This is the GTA I want instead of flying rocket-shooting motorbikes and satellite missiles

  16. Ahh I miss these days of gta online when there weren’t flying bikes and cars

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