GTA San Andreas Cars Mods (iOS) using iFile

I’m not gonna provide any more support, it’s been way too long for me to know how the current file systems are like and I have moved on from jailbreak life
Stats Hack (Max Health and more):

Download Link:

Special thanks to iVIC675 for making this amazing mod

Hope you guys enjoy the vid!!
Can we get 3 likes??
All rights go to their owners

Recording device: iPhone 5S (JB) (iOS 8.4)
Recording program:…


  1. Doesn't FUCKING work I have tried to download a fucking mod for gta sa ios for eternity and nothing works can someone help me

  2. I have a question, can i download a different car file and install it? Like an R34 or something idk

  3. Slightly different but works in 2019 on iOS 12.4 with Filza.

  4. Hey I don’t have a computer and I’m on iOS 12.1.4 and I don’t know how to jailbreak my iPhone is there any other way of getting iFile??

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