GTA San Andreas Cheats – Money Cheat, Chaos Mode, Maximum Muscle – Xbox, PS2, PS3 and PC

There are loads of GTA San Andreas cheats for players to use on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Instead of you searching long and hard across the web for certain cheat codes, we’ve put them all together in one video for you to see.

These GTA San Andreas cheat codes include giving yourself some extra cash, spawning all kinds of vehicles including a jetpack, and more.

To save you some time, we’ve also timecoded each cheat code below for you to find:

0:04 – Aggressive Traffic
0:22 – All Cars Have…


  1. hello their i just got GTA san Andreas deliver on Wednesday for PS3 so I wanna know if these Cheats Codes actually WORK ? if anybody happens to know if these Cheats Codes work Please Let Me Know Please n Thank You For Your Time

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