GTA San Andreas Mobile Cheat Codes [Secret]

There’s secret cheat codes that have been discovered for Grand Theft Auto San Andreas! Text version:


  1. Doesn’t work with iOS I tried Bluetooth keyboard and iPad Pro with key apple keyboard.

  2. doesn’t work on ios guys..tried the bluetooth keyboard still doesn’t work

  3. Thank you GTA BOOM without the pinching method i cant type cheat code using gamepad app

  4. I have a keyboard bluetooth for my iphone, but why i started the game it dosent work ? please help.

  5. I can’t find any keyboard apps on IOS that can be used in the game.. The mission I’m doing “cop wheels” I cannot do this without getting 3 wanted levels. I’m so stressed

  6. For my iPad Pro, can I use the keyboard that can connect to the bottom of it, or do I have to use one like the one in the video?

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