GTA San Andreas TOP 10 Best Cheats

GTA SA Cheats! All Best Cheat Codes. Tank, Jetpack, Flying Cars, Police Cheats PC, Rhino. Aiming, Weapons, Cheat Menu, Mission Loader and more! Leave a like and subscribe. Enjoy the video! 🙂 Read full description and subscribe my channel for more! Grand Theft Auto San Andreas TOP Cheats Codes for PC.
Cheats are actually more than 10 but nevermind! 😀 More cheats = More fun!

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  2. I remeber when i use the infinity health cheat and use the 6stars cheat and beat the crap out of those cops

  3. BGLUAWML is my favorite, i love making survival theme with only katana(or any weapon if i find), trying not to be killed by people, escaping to save places 😀

  4. another glitch when wheel of monster truck are on someones vechile stole his car and you will fly in sky without cheat RIPAZHA AND i thinked for infinity ammo and no reload cheat is fullclip

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