GTA V – 100% Completion Walkthrough

GTA 5 PC – all missions, strangers & freaks, random events, races, hobbies & more, everything required for 100% completion in one video. Also with gold medals which are not required for 100% game completion.

1) Intro/Prologue 0:05
2) Franklin and Lamar 7:59
3) Repossesion 21:48
4) Complications 29:46
5) Father/Son 36:35
6) Chop 49:35
7) Marriage Counselling 1:01:09
8) Daddy’s Little Girl 1:10:35
9) Friend Request 1:21:17
10) Casing The Jewel Store 1:33:58
11) Bugstars Equipment…


  1. Each time I turn on gta 5 it restarts from the beginning to the first part. What should I set so that I don't start again?

  2. Broo, this helps so much tysmm❤ put your time and effort into this. What a Chad

  3. i cant get gta v to play and im sad about it 🙁 But the only thing that makes me happy is watching your gameplay videos! and i try my best to get gta v

  4. Food for thought
    If Michael's Tennis Coach didnt bang his wife
    He wouldn't have beef with Madrazo, the Jewel store heist wouldn't happen, which means Dave wouldn't need to confront him, and Trevor wouldn't know that Michael is still alive. So therefore because of the Tennis coach 98% if GTA Vs story wouldn't happen

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