GTA V – CHEAT CODES For X-BOX 360 & PS3 – Short Demonstration

Spawn Stunt Plane aircraft – 0:08
Spawn Duster aircraft – 0:23
Spawn Buzzard aircraft – 0:34
Spawn Trashmaster vehicle – 0:45
Spawn Sanchez bike – 0:52
Spawn Rapid GT vehicle -0:59
Spawn PCJ bike – 1:07
Spawn Limo vehicle – 1:14
Spawn Comet vehicle – 1:27
Spawn Caddy vehicle – 1:36
Change weather 1:36
Slow motion mode – 1:45
Drunk mode – 1:58
Slidey cars – 2:07
Slow motion aim – 2:33
Explosive melee attacks – 2:45
Explosive ammo rounds 3:11
Recharge ability – 3:27
Lower wanted level -…


  1. yes entering a cheat code will disable achievements and trophies until you quit the game so once a cheat is active and you quit and come back on achievements and trophies are reactivated.

  2. Yes I'm here to promote my channel. The only reason for it is because I'm just trying to get peoples attention and what not. I'm sorry for the annoyance I may be causing to you all. Many other youtubers did the same thing in order to acheive where they are at today ie "spamming" and promoting. Many won't admit but it is the only way of getting peoples attentions when you are just starting out. Before you blow me off just give me a chance? Any Amnesia fans?

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