Gta V Fivem Secret Weapon Dealer

[Release]Secret Weapon Dealer [Mapping+Script]

If you want to have map and dealer script than install resource form the [MAPPING + SCRIPT EN/FR] Folder.

Dealer/map Location: x=2561.61 y=4653.7 z=34.08

What can you find here ?
A discreet atmosphere
Stock of weapons
1 salesman and 2 bodyguards
A test dummy
2 doors to access the interior

1. unzip resource
2. put grangeillegal in resources folder on…


  1. what is your carlock give me the link of downlaod pls 🙂

  2. U know the location for gun crafting in SVRP server??

  3. Hey bro! Good video, ona question, where did you download the Highneeds HUD? Is very cool and classic

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