GTA V (GTA 5): "Prison Bus" Secret Car Location (Xbox 360)

Police Prison Bus in GTA V (GTA 5) for the Xbox 360. Grand theft Auto V (5) Police Prison Bus Location.
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Vexx Unity:

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  1. I have Franklin's buffalo willing to trade for prison bus or tow truck gt:a100ccofkickass

  2. i would love the prison bus, i have chrome dirtbike, snow tractor, snow rancher, stickerbomb car, sultan rs, fully modded real dune buggy, franklins car, and michaels car all fully modded.

  3. @oGVexx "you might be wondering , uh vexx what the hell lol " had me trippin, best GTA Vids on YouTube HandsDown!!!

  4. I love how they open the gate for you. You'd think that a *prison* would be pretty good about not letting the wrong people out.

  5. Some have said that if you delete your update and re-download it, it will automatically fix all the issues. I haven't tried it for myself but you could give it a go. Also try making a new character and see if that helps!

  6. I will bro I'm currently rendering a 26min deathmatch video so when that's done I'll do some missions. :p

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