GTA V – How to do BMX Tricks

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The BMX in GTA V can be a lot of fun if you know the right tricks. I show you how to bunny hop, stoppie, wheelie, and more!

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  1. To do a stoppie on pc, press "Shift" while holding down "W" then press "Q"

  2. Need to activate moon gravity than you can do tricks that'll make your jaw drop hard

  3. My boy used to try to figure out how I'd use the slow mode, switching angles while speeding but rarely crash😎.

  4. Turns out "the ladies" don't care much for any of my GTA accomplishments – despite how cool they are. 🙁

  5. lean back, press jump and then press foward as you jump and you get a nice boost and usually clear gaps

  6. I'm back from
    2015 now 2018 I haven't seen this video for like 3 years

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