GTA V Online – Updated 1.34 (757.4) Mod Menu w/ Money Hack [PC]

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How to Work
To open menu: F5
Navigate menu: Arrow Keys
To go on page: Enter Key
To go back: Back Space

Note***: In solo session, add all your money and buy everything you need, THEN DELETE THE MOD TO GO BACK INTO ONLINE!

Hempus Mod Menu:


To join multiplayer server: Get…


  1. So, you go into single player mode and add everything to your character and then it'll appear on your online account?

  2. If I download hacks and put some money from anything else I uninstall hacks, so I get banned? and if you get that for as long as necessary? thanks for the reply MurkyS

  3. hey man so i tried this and it says that its not the same version basically so the game wont launch at all
    is there a new version out yet ?

    im really fucking DONE playing this game the nice and fair way

    fuck that, the PC community is cancer and i just want to buy me some cars and drive around

    You MOST LIKELY will get banned for using this, if its your first ban, it wont be perma ban.
    You will NOT lose anything if you get banned, when you get unbanned it will all be there.
    You CANNOT play with other people with these files in your game, it has an error message, idk why.
    Ask me anymore questions in the reply section.

  5. this one is cool, have been using almost 1 month, did not hack the money, all good, nothing happens.

  6. ihave a last version of scriptook; fail to open.please refresh the hack

  7. Holy shit this actually works!!! S/O to this guy you fucking legend. I love you

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