GTA V – PC Cheats & Tutorial how to use them!

GTA V CHEATS for PC and Tutorial
Available in 1080p HD


Full health and armor
Call “1-999-887-853” (TURTLE) on your cell phone.
Raise wanted level
Call “1-999-384-48483” (FUGITIVE) on your cell phone.
Recharge special ability
Call “1-999-769-3787” (POWER-UP) on your cell phone.
Faster run
Call “1-999-228-2463” (CATCH ME) on your cell phone.
Flaming bullets
Call “1-999-462-363-4279” (INCENDIARY) on your cell phone.
Explosive melee attacks
Call “1-999-468-42637” (HOT HANDS) on your…


  1. It doesn't work for me it's literally dailies and hangs up

  2. press ~ this on ur keyboard and type cheat codes turtle, toolup, buzzoff or any cheats u want…… dont go to phone & call menu and type 1999 etc thats time wasting and bull shit when u have fued with police u can't type and achieve full health and toolup in mean time

  3. man, you can use a ~ button and type the name of the cheat you want, you don't have to remember that numbers

  4. What's the point of this if u cant even save it as a contact this is way longer than just putting it in the normal way wtf

  5. do i always have to put the nymber in to get the cheat working again

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