GTA V PC – How to get the Minigun at the beginning of the game, and lose the Wanted Level.

This is a simple demonstration on how to get the Minigun at the beginning of the game.

NO CHEATS and no mods were used.
This is a completely legitimate game.
PC Version – build 350 . online 1.26

The Saved Game of this video can be downloaded here:
This is for PC users only… you can load it up and play it on your PC.
The Mission ‘Franklin and Lamar’ has been passed:

There was a glitch while recording that caused very some bad pixelation. In order to correct it,…


  1. I request you to please enter inside The Comedy Club (Split Sides) Located in Algonquin in the Ballad of gay tony game, playing as Luis Lopez by using the half bike glitch or the climb/cancel glitch. There are two entrances one on the east side and other on the west side of the comedy club, and please try to enter in offline singleplayer mode playing as Luis Lopez, Please dont use any trainer or mods ( delete all trainers and mods before doing it)and explore the interior and please make a video and post in YouTube and send me the link of the video if you make it, Please sir i really want it, Please delete or remove all trainers and mods before doing it, Please delete the Native trainer also, And also delete all the mods before doing it, and please don't forget to make a video, Please try sir
    Thank you

  2. GTA V ! Super ! Je préfère GTA San Andreas, mais bon. GTA V peu me plaire. Fait un stater save. Merci.

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