GTA V PC – Just Cause 2 grappling hook mod by JulioNIB

Mod inspired by the amazing Just Cause 2 game.


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Shark-O-Matic gun:

Installation guide + troubleshooting:

Virus scan:

PC specs on description of this…


    EU COLOQUEI A UNICA COISA QUE DA ERRADO É ENTRAR NO helicóptero aperto F e cai num era pra subir e entrar?

  2. Julio tem como prende esse cabo no seu próprio carro de dentro dele,pra por exemplo arrasta outros carros?

  3. I know this video is entitled 'PC', but can you get this on the PS4 version of the game. Apologies in advance if that's a silly question. All I do is play the games, I don't take an interest into anything more than that

  4. 1. Go to random bridge in Los Santos.
    2. Get wanted.
    3. Hook every car on bridge to a police helicopter.
    4. Retract all cables.

    10/10 would crash GTA 5 again.

  5. Can I hook objectives when I'm in car? I mean, when I will shoot from car, It'l work? Sorry for my bad english..

  6. the download link on the website you put doesn't have a download link for this and i try the facebook page and i have find the mod but the link you put doesn't work could you fix this

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