GTA Vice City Cheats (51) [PC]

All 51 PC cheats for old good GTA Vice City. Cheats to spawn tank, get weapon, money, full wealth and armor, weather and more…


  1. GUYS DO NOT PUT THE CHEAT : ‘FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT’ & ‘NOBODYLIKESME’ You wont be able to undo it if you saved the game with these cheats on.😓😓

  2. This game is a big part of my childhood. The music, the 80s vibes, the cars… To this day i still listen to 80s music, still love older cars and love the neon vibezzzz

  3. i press the download button,when i click in and there is noting inside, the website told me to use a secure internet browser

  4. You can actually play as Candy Suxxx in vice city…Just type this cheat…'IWANTBIGTITS'…yeah it works. To add slight more bulge to that part(u know what I mean) type…'DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS'. It works 100%

  5. I remember stacking the tanks using PANZER cheat and eventually stacking too much they will become sentient and will kill me

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