GTA5 | Best Way to Make Millions in the GTA 5 stock market $$$ Stock Market

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  1. just so you know . if you go to bed but dont save and back out . the time still passes for 7 hours . also . if you quick save on the phone . time will not pass . so if your stocks are at a all time high but u dont know if u want to sell cause it might go up even more . quick save on the phone then . lay on the bed and back out when it wants u to save and it will still advance time to see what the stock will do in the future. this method save u from messing up and over writing your game and helps on save slots .

  2. So, lets say i do everything right for the hotel assination, and BET in the stock exchange goes up to 81.66% up, but i didnt cash out, and then it droppes to like 15, does it ever go back up again?

  3. The b d part about stocks on gta v is that it has no previous record of the stock

  4. I know, but I'm saying you don't have to save everytime. Go to the bed, and simply back out. The game skips only six hours, not 8.

  5. Thing I don't get is, people say its risky, its not… its a matter of patience, say you buy at medium then sell at low, that's not a risk, that's just stupidity and impatience.

  6. Yea I just realised everybodys prices vary, like I just booted up the game with the same game save slot and the price for some stocks was different

  7. Ya and if your like scared to lose, just save b4 and load the save if you lose any

  8. invest in bawsaq its more simple and u can go on social club to see the real low and high prices so you know what to invest in so you dont loose profit but it updates ever hr in real time

  9. The game will skip 6 hours, and you don't have to save… Just hit "B" or "Circle" when it asks you to save.

  10. just a potential idea to explore;

    Worldwide fm is a radio station and potentially you could invest in the stock then sit in a car with that radio station on…

  11. Since you asked, here's a little spoiler. Michael kills the owner of LifeInvader, hence the stocks dropping from 500-2000%. Never invest in it.

  12. Nice video! This certainly feels better than glitching or grinding the airport for stock rising. I would rather find easy ways to expect a rise such as this.

  13. I know that, but even after I finished the game, my LFI stocks wont go lower than $35.

    Sometimes they get to $34.95, but never going lower.

  14. Missions can sometimes affect stock, like for example you have to assasinate the owner of LifeInvader which makes the stock crash

  15. Quick tip: If you want to get out of Internet on your phone fast, press Y

  16. u made money on life invader? u completed campaign considering u destroy life invader..

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