Since the recoil got increased for assault rifles in patch 1.0 #12, many have been asking for an updated video on recoil control (how to spray).
This is how you do it guys – now go get em!

Music: Sappheiros – Distant
Outtro music: MK2 – Destructoid


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    My mouse sensitivity: DPI: 800, Accelleration: None, Polling rate: 1000 Hz, Windows default sensitivity: 6/11, In-game sensitivity; Vertical sensitivity multiplier: 1.00, General: 26, Targeting: 0 (N/A), ADS: 24, 2x: 17, 3x: 23, 4x: 25, 6x: 23, 8x: 22, 15x: 23

  2. I have achieved no recoil in pubg mobile and here I m trying to get control of my recoil on pc…

  3. how to control recoil.
    Step 1 get big mousepad
    step 2 get big desk
    step 3 practice

  4. Intelligence is intelligence, no matter how much we practice, in the end we are fools and die due to lack of imagination and analytical outview .. i mean too much pressure man.

  5. i play mobile pubg and i cant control recoil like u lol
    does more fps make easier to control recoil?

  6. I honestly don't know how you guys do it. I'm getting sniped half way across an area by a dude with a Vector, missing no shots. It's not the game I wanna be on anymore. Every encounter I get in to I'm essentially sniped because everyone can control their recoil so well that as soon as they see me, doesn't matter if they're moving or not, every single bullet from their spray is going to hit me. The game is honestly ruined for me now. I might try and "git gud" and somehow know exactly the precise pressure required to not have the reticle move at all but I severely doubt I have the time or patience to stay on the game to ever be that good. Maybe I'll stick to the console version where recoil actually means something.

  7. I’ve been playing for over a year and still sprayed lol … I’ve only been a pc player for a yea and couple months .. but this actually tell me why my ishh is all over …

  8. Dont have that much mouse space, my chair is low so i cant use mouse propertly becahse my hand grips on my desk :/

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