Hello Guys,

Based on a request by djdalgaard, I’ve made a video on HOW TO EFFECTIVELY SPOT ENEMIES LIKE A PRO.
Spotting enemies not only requires the correct graphics settings but also knowledge of what to look for and how to look for it.
I hope you enjoy another of my pubg / playerunknown’s battlegrounds guide / tutorial videos which is filled with my best tips & tricks.

Music: Sappheiros – Radiant Night
Outtro Music: MK2 – Destructoid

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  1. As this has been requested by quite a few people now. I'm now giving everyone the opportunity to financially support my work.
    The magic happens here:

    Be aware that I'm grateful of the support you guys are giving me by simply doing what you do already – viewing my work.

    And I'll see you guys next tiiimeee

  2. Ok, one thing I think is really important is large monitor. How can I compete with someone who has 1440p or 4k 27" monitor, and I'm on my 1080p 21' one. And to add salt to the wound my monitor is 60hz, and someone is playing at 144hz..

  3. why desktop play is so difficult ?, i always loose the game with desktop but played well with phone. in desktop there is no key for vehicle drive into or exit.

  4. Anybody have that thing with their eyes that makes them look up or down involuntarily? I mean in real life.

  5. After watching this video

    Me: Opens PUBG Mobile
    Also me few moments later: Killed by a bot

  6. To be honest I m the best in my sqaud to spot enemies without spotting me but i cant get any kills from them all my teammates are better than me

  7. whatever you say makes no fucking sense. i cannot sees shit in this shitty textured game that doesn't gel well with the gameplay. I don't know how one could make a game where the priority is to turn settings to low to be able to actually play it. Shitty game. Shitty devs.

  8. Okay thanks for tips, now I will go to Konoha to steal Sasuke's eyes so I can spot enemies easier

  9. I’m so bad at battle royale games for this very reason. I can’t see anyone past maybe 200m even if they’re jumping up and down in the same spot. Currently playing warzone and I keep getting killed by people that I never saw even if I was looking right at them. Only time I can see anyone in the distance is off their scope glare. I have perfect eyesight but I feel so dumb because I can’t ever see anyone. Even if my teammate pings them I’m usually just asking “where?”

  10. It is almost impossible for colourblind people such as me to see enemies hiding in the foliage, that is why I like playing in Miramar rather than Erangel and Sanhok.

  11. If he didn't showed those red marks.. I wouldn't be able to see any enemy. Guess I'm dumb

  12. I'm a Cybernetic Organism, Living Tissue Over metal Endoskeleton

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