Gunfights Never end in the new Purple Shield Mode – Apex Legends

Today we played the newest phase of the battle armor event in Apex Legends. To be honest, the gunfights last just a little bit too long! Leave a like and a comment, thanks for watching.

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  1. why change to pc tho if u keep p,aying with the controller especially loosing (not having all ur skins etc.)

  2. Not upset, just punk 12 year olds that feel you wount win the fight to respawn them or just not team players n wants to start another game. Its sickening, but ja most coming from fortCrap game. Running away from fights etc leaving you to 1v3 etc. They miss their walls and ramps to hide in, thats why i hate fortnite so much, such unrealistic bs.

  3. To be honest it doesnt make sense to keep blue shields as perm cuz it just doesnt fit … Make everyone have white or evo shields so its level pegging with the rest and then thruout the game u should gain better shields and things by hopefully killing ur opponet

  4. Console is terrible for quiters, barely get knocked and they quit, dont even wait to be revived. There needs to be penalties for quitting early like that, like a 10-15 minute matchmaking ban.

  5. 13:13 yooooo loba can teleport through that window and if loba was out you could have won that fight and didn’t have to run :0

  6. I mean why are people hoping for blue shields becoming permanent in game it will just make the Lv1 body shield useless
    After this event I think Lv1 body shield is going to be permanent battle armor

  7. PC is the whole next level of sweat brother! You're right, they don't miss. Super Toxic. Everyone is trying to be the next big thing.

  8. Honestly this new mode with purple is pretty dumb I'm the type of person who gives teammates the jumpmaster launches solo and does his own thing but when u got 3 bot with purples it's hard to kill em no cap

  9. White made people too squishy, purple gives them too much health, and blue is nice and balanced. Evo armor should be very interesting

  10. After watching every streamer and comparing to u
    I dont know why u are always better
    Keep it up bro
    Yei yei yah eskit it

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