HACKER GETS *BANNED* IN LIVE GAME!! – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep 146

HACKER GETS *BANNED* IN LIVE GAME!! – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep 146

Moments start at 1:16

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  1. Hackers need to have their computers tracked, get hardware banned and send a strong electric charge to electrocute them, just to make sure they don't hack ever again.

  2. IP ban last forever
    or motherboard ban they can ban this kind of shit as well

  3. They put them in more matches that have a higher concentration of other cheating players so they can get a better idea and be able to take down cheaters more effectively

  4. They should make air so if they are hacking you can get aim bot on only that hacker

  5. Honestly I think blocking their IP adresses from apex would be a good solve so they couldnt make other accounts.

  6. "hE GoT bAnNeD" No most likely just disconnected since the game is literally filled with disconnect issues all the time. Not for me personally I typically only disconnect once when I launch game then it's typically fine. But saying someone was banned live because they disconnected (When the other guy was also hacking with no disconnect, same name.) Is silly and makes no sense.

    Also those are dummy accounts the only person on the main account is the guy with the shields. The hack works by letting you run dummy instances of the game with AI controlled players with auto-aim and follow ping orders. So the dummy account getting banned had 0 effect overall while the actual person running the third party program is left with his account because HE is technically not hacking the "other" guy was.

    Also an easy way to prevent hackers overall (at least in ranked which is most important) is to implement a mandatory level cap to play ranked. Max level doesn't take long to achieve and so it shouldn't be an issue for most players especially those who want to play ranked. This makes it so when they are banned they'll have to grind/hack back to level 100 before they can even get into a ranked match.

  7. First video the guy DID NOT get banned, the view just changed onto a different player in his team, look at the GT what a dumbass

  8. How the fuk most of the guns in pc are accurate without even aiming

  9. I think that hackers should have their guns replaced with a banana. And everytime they shoot they just bite the banana. They should also have a 100% dmg increase per tick for the ring so that the banana eaters are forced to the final circle

  10. What happen with the shroud clip in the begining I don't get it
    Was it the failed zip?

  11. The hackers wen they hack the game they will
    Join a server all who's in
    Are a hackers and they
    C'ant join any other server

  12. We should kill them and they must feel how it feels to die love your vids Mr.pathfinder

  13. Once I took out a whole squad after my friends/teammates were downed, then while reviving was killed by grenades.

  14. Cheaters should have their game sabotaged.
    They try and lock onto targets, but suddenly they lock onto a wall and cant look away.
    Or something like that

  15. The best way to deal with cheaters is to put all of then in the same game so that know how it feels

  16. Cheaters will get either a damage reduction, or get an attachment disability, like the digital threat won’t work or the barrel stabilizers don’t fix recoil. Love your vids Mr Pathfinder!

  17. Are you actually the real voice actor for pathfinder?
    Thats awesome, You actually sound like your character without any special effects

  18. There should be a merit system where your merit starts at 100 and. When it gets to a certain number you will get banned

    Btw good vids Mr . pathfinder

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