HACKER Gets BANNED LIVE!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 623

HACKER Get BANNED LIVE!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 623
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  1. The new legend would work with a team of group attacks. For example, Horizon, Revenant, Gilbratar, or Horizon, Caustic, Wattson set both traps up then throw caustic gas when activating Horizon's ult

  2. Aimbotting is a cheat as no recoil macro also, what ShivFPS_ is using. Why is he not banned too?

  3. QOTD:The best squad you can have in season 7 is gibby,caustic, and Horizon
    Or Horizon,caustic, and RamPart
    Or Horizon,gibby and RamPart
    Doesn't matter but I know it's a good squad/team
    Because all of them can use their ultimate to wipe out the lobby
    Trust me I did think about it and it's a good team

  4. QOTD: Horizon for movement, Rampart with a turret aimed at Horizons black hole, Mirage for decoys into the grav lifts!

  5. QOTD: octane and pathfinder because they are the best people to get height with. And they will have insane rotations.

  6. QOTD: Caustic,Horizon, and Wattson. Horizon with black whole, caustic with traps and ult, and Wattson with her fences

  7. We were all rejoicing seeing the hacker banned…but I was rejoicing because Shiv was singing a beautiful song

  8. Thank you mr pathfinder your video clips helps me to improve my game play ☺️☺️☺️👍,love from india.

  9. QOTD: She would work well with Crypto and Pathfinder
    Crypto scan all enemies and Pathfinder can puch them when the lift is placed after that Crypto use the emp to slow down the enemies than the whole squad can push easily

  10. QOTD: I think she could go well with caustic because you have the caustic ultimate and the black hole. Black hole will suck the opponents in and you can throw the caustic ultimate

  11. my mum keep saying why you keep watching this channel every day cuss its the best duhh like really thanks bro

  12. QOTD: Horizon would work well with Pathfinder and Bloodhound, because Bloodhound can track the enemies, and Pathfinder can grapple them into Horizon's gravity lift thing.

  13. QOTD:I THINK RAMPART WILL WORK SO WILL CUSS WHEN HORIZON PUTS HER ULT RAMPART WELL PUTs HER ULT TOO THAT WILL BE SOOOOOOOO GOOD AND I think Bangalore would do well with Horizon. CUSS BANGALORE CAN put the smoke at the enimes so they cant see and horizon puts her ult

  14. QOTD:I think Loba and pathfinder loba can jump drive out of the black hole and shoot and path can grapple the enemies out and horizon can shoot them.

  15. QOTD: Caustic and Gibraltar because all they’re ultimates combined can demolish squads

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