Hacker in Apex Legends – Supersonic speed!!!

There was some issue with the sound but you can all see he was hacking! I hope we can report him and he will get banned.

Let me know in comments if you ever seen any other hackers/ cheaters in this game.

This was on PC.


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  1. WOW Nice but not for he, she me , u and not good for the the Apex Universe.
    Cheating is just good for REALLY NOOB‘S!!! Play Fair! Stay Strong and Build ur own Road To Predator.

  2. Thanks for the video!  I am interested in this.  I used to use the aimboss apex external multihack but their slots were full last time I looked at the website.

  3. I just played with one hacker like this. His Origin player name was zZZ-Richter-ZZz. I wanted to record though like you did :S
    He was chasing guys from one edge of the map to the other :P. He had plus aimbot in the mix.
    Its no problem with sound same with me he didnt do footsteps..

  4. So hacker got 1424 kills and still doesnt get banned

    Looks like quality game

  5. how can you be that fast and still move like a bot XD Jeez that guy is bad, throws nades while has aimbot LMAO pathetic

  6. And why the hell should he not be able to hit those kraber shots???
    many points of this video are bullshiot

  7. i encountered one hacker with speed + wall + aim in my last game yesterday and have his name in the end of game screenshot.

  8. I got in a squad with a hacker playing as Bloodhound (I guess he thought that made what he was doing less obvious?) on ps4 who had some kind of cheats to show where the enemies were because him and his friend who was playing Gibraltr just kept running way ahead of me either because they didn't want me to see they were doing it or they were assholes on top of being cheaters which is just as likely.. I don't think I saw an enemy for the entire game actually up until the very end.

    I always got there after they were done looting and already running ahead. Everybody but the last squad was dead before round 3 and he got banned and disconnected in real time before he could take the win lol. I'd like to think whoever banned him intentionally waited until the last second just to spite him.

  9. Hmm I just hate it when you have a good game to play and some baby minded hacker just spoil it for you because they are too lazy to get better at the game, I wish EA could fix this soon.

  10. Came up against a hacker once, he was another wraith hacker, is it possible that wraith is the only character that can be hacked?

  11. i ran into one of these guys a couple of days ago as well as chinese automarketing bots..speed hack is actually hilarious, i cant even get mad😂

  12. I truly support you, me too I've fought. Against a speed hacker like that, and I know how awful it is I hope they will ban them

  13. I feel really bad for the PC Gamers cuz its a great to experience the games but Unfortunately, Hackers always ruin the fun on PC…

  14. I can only play in asia servers and its literally i mean literally unplayable now you will get a cheater in every game and if you play solo you will get two annoying bot teammates trying to sell you the hack. The only way for me to get a champion game is to be team up with a hacker and hope he kills the other hacker LOL

  15. iv fought against 100+ hackers in a span of 3 days so you makin video of one guy isnt the same level of me experiencing it lel

  16. Almost 1500 kills, I saw video yesterday about gibraltar with over 3000 kills (aimbot, wallhack), this game is starting to be bigger shit then csgo in silver… "ezanticheat" is doing it work soo good, why don't they do something about that? Aaah EA, I wouldn't even be surprised if they are the one who sell these "improvements"

  17. u are playing on pc with a controller are u serious ??!!

  18. these hacks are still laggy weeks ago so you can see that he go fast but twitching or laggy… these hacks now are super smooth.. you literally became sonic in this game

  19. dude I know i'm bad but if you need to use hacks they must be bad on some other level. like I bet my money that all hackers are either trolls or bots that rather not put in the work to become good at the game.

  20. Just play yesterday in server asean…..wow a lot hacker .not only speeder ,also have waller and aimbot ….wtf

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