HACKER vs HACKER! – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep 527

HACKER vs HACKER! – Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay Ep 527

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Kobe Steak (Instrumental Version) – Martin Landh
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  1. QOTD: Shadowfall, but this time, only AI. You die, dead unless respawned. Basically, normal Apex, but instead of the Shadows or Prowlers, put the Stalkers from Titanfall 2

  2. QOTD: i would love to see solos come back, so you don’t always have to fight outnumbered, and rely on ur self

  3. I’ve been featured once already but also love the way u interact with your viewers. Keep up the good work.

  4. solos because i dont like relying on teammates if i die i like it to be my fault

  5. QQTD: I would love to see winter express come back %100 it is the best game mode ever

  6. QOTD i would like to see fright or fight event to come back because I didn’t get to play much of it and get to see how the new characters play out in it

  7. QOTD:Always be closing, Because Its fun and hard because people just rush to the ring and cant get enough loot and
    it turns into a big battle

  8. I would like to have holo day bash make a return to the game as it was one of the coolest event and this time we would be able to create our own loadout .

  9. QOTD either 3rd person mode because that was a mess and hard to aim in or dummies or maybe you could combine them

  10. QOTD: I legends vs legends like you get a vote for what all legends everyone could be on that one team and the other team could pick what legendary want to go on the other team

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