HACKERS Broke RANKED!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 732

HACKERS Broke RANKED!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 732
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ES_Pizza Napolitana – Magnus Ringblom
ES_Quirky Orchestra 13 – Josef…


  1. ML7 before and now Holi! Loving how OW streamers are appearing on Apex moments !

  2. Skip to the last 10 seconds let the video finish then drag the red Dot all the way back to the beginning so you don't have to see any commercials 👌😘

  3. ranked in toxic EU !
    i quit diamond one cause 9/10 i played games against hackers at normal and ranked with predator budge
    why you can buy cheats for 6.99 the month ????????????????????? i pref play barbi and ken

  4. 🇹🇷 Türk oyuncuların Apex videolarını paylaşıyorum. Sen de videonu gönder yayınlansın. 🇹🇷

  5. I would change Watson’s tactical to make the fences electric line invisible until someone ran through it and triggered it, that way she would be more effective and fun to play

  6. QOTD: I would tweak Bangalore's tactical and passive so she can see through her smokes like caustic sees enemies in his gas.

  7. People cry and complain about hackers. Hideouts bans a few hackers. Hackers jus comes back with new account lol this is what's been happening in apex legends

  8. 5:45 thanks for putting in my clip, it was the weirdest squad wipe ive ever had, my aim was so off that day 😂

  9. QOTD) I would change Caustics tactical, instead of the large gas barrels, I would have smaller gas mines that go off similar to proximity mines from COD

  10. QOTD: I would change bloodhounds tactical to him sending out his raven to seek any nearby or far away enemy players

  11. QOTD : Loba's bracelet needs to be more versatile, and Loba should be able to run as soon as it lands.

  12. QOTD:I would change octane jumppad so he give a box with 9 stim that can be picked by teammate that gonna heal all the health and increase running speed by 15% except for octane that got 30% running speed boost for 4s

  13. QOTD: I would change octanes stim, instead he could place down a box of 9 stims and you and your teammates can only grab 3 stims only and then his teammates can go fast like him

  14. QOTD: I would change revenants tactical to throwing knives. This would be cool because he is an assassin.

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