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  1. rly shroud yo are the hacker soo stop pretending yo are good yo are using no recoil on guns soo dont call other peoples hacker because yo are one of them

  2. Shroud seems to also know where everyone is. And if you watch his curser it flicks from person to person like a hackers does.damn shame thought you had skillz. Damn shame

  3. In my mind the only way is EXPOSECHEATS. COM (remove the spaces) the v564 Always seems to work for me

  4. I played against a hacker last night. They were playing as a lifeline and and hip fired my whole squad through a smoke screen. I spectated them for the rest of the match to be sure, they annihilated 4 squads single handedly to win the match. Was disgusting.

  5. "I need a syringe or something"

    shroud stares at 4 medkits and doesn't say shit

  6. How is shroud this fucking good. All I get are laggy servers and I can’t aim

  7. 10:12 no recoil at all? That gun always kicks up even with manual correction it should be rougher than that

  8. i never killed more then 4 players in this game ,,,,,, when i see this man playing and killing like that i should say he is hacking cus i can't say i am noob at this game but too good at other games
    cheater everywhere in all online games and 2019 cheater unstoppable and has everything in every game
    stop buying online game cus it all should be for free not just that >> if you except to play it <<
    #battlefield1 #apexlegends #counterstrick #PUBG #blacksquad #onlinegames

  9. Look between 6:08 and 6:17 his aim switch instantly to an other target and stopped in an insane clean way on it…No human being can do that. You should have called that video I am a cheater or an alien….

  10. Even Hackers

    Cant even stop shroud, and i said even twice lots of fun things today!

  11. i’m so happy i play console because if played in the same server as shroud on pc then id be fucked😂

  12. Explain the aim at 5:00 anybody lol never saw him, never heard him, aimed right on his own guys head mid fire? Ik this guys good, and I don't want to believe he uses minor aim bots but wow

  13. Why do your guns have no recoil. I play apex and there is recoil even on gold level. Not a trace of it with you……. I'm not saying you're cheating…… Shroud hacks…..

  14. 100% he's hacking… U can see him shooting even before shroud comes into his sight, as if he exactly knew where he's gonna be.

  15. The biggest Hacker in the world warns me about hackers?

    oh now i realize he means himselfe and his friends with hackers in apex.
    And hes right.
    nice he admits it now

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