Hacking a hacker in GTA 5…

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Today I use mods on somebody who was pretending to be a GTA 5 hacker and their reaction was hilarious!
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  1. This kid doesn’t have a brain but it’s still not funny to do this to a poor kid although he called mods patched I’m not a modded but I think he means cheats not mods never heard something about mods being able to be patched

  2. not funny man I like your channel but trolling a kid and stealing all his stuff that he probaly can’t get back that’s really mean so just give him a money drop because that’s mean your more acting like Lisa gaming roblox

  3. yo rockstars number is actually on google that kid was right didn't think it was but yeah

  4. He lies I saw this same gamer tag of this kid last year and he sounds the same just a little deeper

  5. You took his money and didn’t even give him a money drop
    Pls dont turn into a bad moder

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