Today i will be showing you guys to how you can HACK fortnite battle royale by using UDP UNICORN! Works PS4/Xbox/PC/Mobile
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  1. So here's information:

    Delay: how fast to send packets
    Threads: part of your CPU, don't worry too much about this.
    Sockets per thread: the number of packet senders per thread.

    So your KB per thread is (packet size * sockets per thread) and your total KB per second is ((1000/delay)*(sockets per thread * threads * packet size)

    So, for settings:
    Size: 5
    Delay: 300
    Threads: 5
    Sockets per T: 1
    KB per second = 3.3333*25 = 83.3333KB/s (This value should be around 1/100 of your download speed)

  2. If UDP Unicorn doesn’t work for you as for me didn’t, use Netkill, it works for me.
    Tutorial for using NetKill as a lag switch:
    Download NetKill from this website https://www.filecroco.com/download-netcut/
    After downloading it, run NetKill as an administrator
    If no IP from your wifi is not popping up, click on “Choice NetCard”
    Select the network adapter you have
    After that, you will see a lot of IP from your network popping up
    Click on your console IP address
    When playing online, turn it on when you are going to shoot a player
    After you shoot him in the head or enough, turn it off and you will see that you kill a player
    Make sure you are in a cover spot otherwise you get killed by your enemy sometime your enemy and you get killed at the same time which is funny

  3. Plus if I wanna actually lag u need to put your ps4 ip in then u will see something especially on gta v

  4. I Just entered this Just to call you guys bunch off noobs hacking is for noobs in fortnite i get like 7 kills per round i dont need hacks
    To be good

  5. Guys, lag switch only works on p2p servers games such as Watch Dogs, GTA V, etc. If you lag switch in a dedicated server games, it will only lag yourself.

  6. 5 mill fortnite skids can hit me offline it works tho lol use port 80 srcitp kids

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