Hardcore Tuning PUBG Mobile LPP Mode Game Profile For ROG Phone 2

This video will help you create the game profile with Hardcore Tuning for PUBG Mobile in ROG Phone II. Please do like the video and subscribe to the channel..

PUBG Steroid Mode:

Download Link for the PUBG LPP Game Profile:


1: After downloading, copy the file to the downloads folder in your Asus Rog Phone 2.
2: After opening Armoury Crate, In the Games Lobby,…


  1. Subscribed, please make more of these rog phone 2 guide okk, been using this phone for few month, never actualy try tweaking on armory crate

  2. @Junaish Backer
    Cool Video! Do you think this will solve the problem of the phone turning off while playing or charging? I was told it was due to motherboard overheating. Asus ROG Phone 2 Tencent Edition Adroid Version 9 with Software WW_16.0622.1906.19_0. Bought from gearbest December 2019. NO Aeroactive Cooler 2.
    Best Regards,

    Nevermind, for me it doesnt work. Still hangs when CPU temp is still 35C..
    Never gonna buy another ASUS again.

  3. That worked like a gem bro thanks for the upload. I had issues after replacing my screen but now it work like new phone. And with this aim assist is good too

  4. Does this works on the latest version of pubg mobile 0.18.0?

  5. Bro can you make a video tutorial for us on how to stream games on YouTube/Facebook with also in-game sounds and voice chat… I am pretty much tired of not finding a solution… It will be a great help… Thanks in advance…

  6. is it normal while im playing pubg when the game starts the fan stop and when the game is finish the fan is working how is that?

  7. These settings are too good to be true.. Heres my take on LPP profile (30+ hrs of gaming) :
    1. Solved my battery drain issue.. now I can play easily for 6-7 hrs non stop at smooth settings without compromising on performance.
    2. This profile actually allowed me to play seamlessly with hdr and extreme settings. That was a surprise to be honest.
    3. The heat dissipation is much much better now compared to how it was before. Ofcourse it gets hot, but it's really tolerable compared to heat I used to get before, forcing me to keep the phone aside for a while.
    3. Absolutely no lags whatsoever. This was a kicker for me. I do sometimes get lags, but only when I play on cellular data network. Wifi is a breeze.
    4. This profile is my good to go profile now..
    5. The fps is stable between 58-60 most of the times..much much better compared to drastic dip I used to get earlier to 30-40. But sometimes I have noticed frame drops in the Ruins map. Every other map is perfect.
    6. Would u also create a profile that gives maximum performance ignoring heat and battery.. I am planning to get the xiaomi shark cooler. So heat is not an issue. And battery is not a prob at all.
    Good job mate..

  8. hello sir,can you also make a game profiles for mobile legends?its a popular game as well maybe you can also help a lot of players from mobile legends gamers out there like me sir.and i apreciated your codm profile sir keep up the good work

  9. The best setting i ever use ,it works very well smooth and best performance i ever used thank u so much my friend may god bless u .. U r the best😍😍

  10. Hellow at last i found someone who cares for asus rog2.. i changed the settings and it was so soft and no lag realy i love it but to be honest i have a blackshark cooler and i dont care for the heat i just need the highest performance and max power from my phone

  11. Brother,
    I have Asus ROG II but Android version is 9 so some settings I cannot find some settings 😬 can you please make A video for me if you have time. I cannot update my ROG phone because this phone is Tencent but global firmware 😭

  12. Bro while recording there are frame drops make a profile for best performance 😍

  13. Thank you for this video. I can game for 6 hours on the smooth and extreme PUBG profile

  14. I tried your pubg LPP mode setting it's amazing man, performance as well as no suddenly drop in battery % . And most important thing to tell you it also solve your high temperature issue. It's almost 4-5 % temperature drop than the normal. I like it man. And so thankful to you.

  15. Next Video plzzzzz Really needed that Full Hardcore performance Setting

  16. I am getting maximum 59 FPS and very less to no lag, can you fine tune this hardcore tuning little bit more so we can get best out Rog phone 2 , thanks brother ✌️

  17. Finally
    Thanks To You Man I didnt Know how to do adjust But This ProfilE is such a great help

  18. Bro this game profile is good but I am a competitive player so I need my game be at a top performance even if it uses more battery so can u create a profile for high performance

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