he will send you to the shadow realm in apex legends

Don’t mess with the shadow people


  1. You are very selfish when it comes to looting… You even steal loot from the kills your partners get 🤦🙄😓

  2. Bruh you can use Ultimate accelerant? I thought it was just there for show.

  3. Every time I’m sad or sick I watch your videos there the best even better than mine thanks you for making your channel ⭐️⭐️

  4. Brad lil tip for ya use your tactical as a audio and visual cover oh and his ultimate can block doors and be used as cover in an open field

  5. You're trash for leaving him behind
    Like if you are so good you could've taken them out an fucked shit up but nah

  6. There's these things that f***ing teamers that made me mad watching those teamers are bots

  7. @zylbrad could you pretty please play with me? I will be your juicy sweaty ghost deamon whatever the fuck you want. I'm not an e-girl, but I am good for the memes, I promise!

  8. I know you dont talk like this in real life and honestly it annoys me that’s why I unsubbed yet you still appear on my recommendations so I’m going to give my opinion about you. I get that you’re trying to have a positive attitude all the time which attracts a lot of people like myself at first. But as i started watching other apex content creators they sounded more realistic and genuine. When I got back to watching your vids it was just different. Your voice started to get on my nerves even though you provide good gameplay. Honestly I just wanted some chill commentary and not hear someone excited and cheerful all time. Just my opinion and reasons why I unsubbed

  9. What if the world was like apex:Respawn after death, no fall dmg, and everyone has an ability

  10. Hey I’ve just started apex on pc I used to be on ps4 and I waited in a queue for like 5 minutes and it said only 2 players in queue is there a way to make it go faster

  11. I'll show you the way I'm having so much CoIn$ in ApexLegends.*I did this by entering *guux3331 in *Goog׀e*.

  12. I'll show you how I am having unlimited c0ins in Apex.*I do this by typing *guux3334 in *Goog!e*.

  13. 66 packs left to be opened ? And here I am who dont even wait few second to open

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