Hidden Loot Location in Miramar PUBG MOBILE!

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Hello Everybody in this video The7WorldsGaming will be showing you a cool hidden mine in the new map Miramar enjoy the hidden location in PUBG MOBILE.


  1. How many of you searched for this location because you've already been there and forgot where it is…?

  2. Hit like if you closed YouTube and went to check out the place in PUBG as soon as you see the secret location 😂

  3. * picks up LVL 1 backpack and LVL 1 helmet “wow guys this isn’t actually bad loot” … fucking noob.

  4. I found this place after watching the video and the loot is good there. Also, the islands to the right of the map, especially the big one, have good loot.

  5. This game is addictive and you make great helper videos. Keep it up mate

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